About us

Why change everything when you can repair it at a lower cost!
Joignez-vous à un réseau d’experts en réparation de fenêtres en pleine croissance.

Solution Thermo is made up of several franchises spread throughout Quebec. Forming a wide network, our different franchises share these two great values, which guide each of their interventions:

Offer the best to our customers

  • By improving the condition of their windows as well as their comfort, through solutions that are more economical than window replacement;
  • By taking the time to advise them according to their needs;
  • By providing them with premium products and services and by staying on the lookout for the latest developments on the market.

Respecting the environment

  • By offering services that extend the life of windows and avoid throwing them unnecessarily in the dump;
  • By using non-toxic and biodegradable products such as washing and drying double glazing.

This innovative approach has made our reputation. Our motto: quality and professionalism. Thanks to these, we reap the most precious fruit of our labor: our customer’s complete satisfaction..

To learn more about our history, take a look at the milestones that have marked the evolution of our company, from yesterday till today.

  • 2008: The Concept Solution Thermo is born

    A businessman from the Danville area founded the concept by offering glass defogging as a unique service.

  • 2009 and 2010: A replacement service is added to defogging.
  • 2012: A second shareholder joins the team.

    A former franchisee entrepreneur and the founder join forces to make ST one of the most important window restoration companies in the world.

  • 2013: Solution Thermo is featured on the TV show, Dans l’œil du dragon (In the Eye of the Dragon)

    The concept is presented to the five dragons; they are thrilled and believe in Solution Thermo!

  • 2015 : Solution Thermo expands its range of maintenance services
  • 2017: Solution Thermo is sold to four new visionary shareholders

    A new team is taking over! Four new determined partners in the field of door & window maintenance, believe in Solution Thermo’s potential, joining forces and knowledge to help the company continue to grow and become the market leader.

  • 2018 : Caulking and door inserts mark the services provided by our participating franchisees

    Resolutely focused on our desire to do our utmost to extend the life of doors and windows, we offer two new services: caulking and door inserts. Offered by our participating franchisees, they are the perfect complement to our wide range of services, allowing us to take care of windows from A to Z so that our customers avoid changing them prematurely.

    Meet the people who render excellent service, day after day: our retailers as well as our head office team.

Your windows at their best!

Your reference in window restoration

Solution Thermo is composed of several franchises located throughout Quebec. Forming a large network, our different franchises share these two great values, which guide each of their interventions: