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Solution Thermo offers a 10-year warranty on the restoration of fogged windows. If fog reappears between your window panes after 8 weeks, in the case of a Summer treatment, or after 12 weeks, in the case of a Winter treatment, we will issue a credit for the defective pane, which will be applicable on a Thermo replacement. For more information, see warranty details.

The cost for restoration is 30 to 50% less than the cost of a window replacement by an expert. A Solution Thermo representative will come to your home to estimate the cost of the restoration, free of charge.

No. When you purchased your window, you may have paid an additional amount to have it filled with a heavy gas (argon, krypton or xenon). However, frequent temperature changes sooner or later create cracks in the glass spacer, allowing the gas to escape, long before you see mist between the panes. Unlike a new gas-filled window, our defogging process is a durable solution that offers a thermal insulation capacity comparable to that of the original. Dr. A.H. Elmahdy and S.M. Cornick, Research Officers at the Building Performance Laboratory of the Institute for Research in Construction, agree that : "The use of gas in the cavity between the panes of glass can improve the thermal characteristics of an insulating glass unit by reducing convective and conductive heat transfer. In general, commercially available gas-filled windows also have a low-emissivity coating to achieve a combined effect and improve thermal resistance. However, since some diffusion of the inert gas used may occur through the glazing sealants, the long-term thermal efficiency of gas-filled glazing is questionable."

Your window wouldn't have been damaged if it hadn't been originally sealed and designed to control the humidity level between the panes. Using a proven system, Solution Thermo ensures that the air between the panes of glass always remains dry, so that the insulating properties of your window are preserved forever.

If they are restored in time, their visual aspect will be greatly improved and the panes will look like new - depending on their condition before demisting. However, if you wait too long, stains may permanently mark the interior. Thanks to the experience that our team has acquired over the years, we can evaluate the percentage of success even before undertaking the restoration and to advise you whether or not this solution is the right one for you. Defogging is a permanent but not immediate solution. The liquids that we inject inside your windows must evaporate before your windows become beautiful again.

The first windows to show signs of loosening are those on the sunny side. The sun heats the air trapped between the two panes of glass, which expands and creates pressure. Cold weather causes the opposite effect, so frequent temperature changes put a strain on the sealants (spacers) that join the two panes of glass. By a "pumping" effect, moisture will sooner or later penetrate into the originally -sealed unit. To temporarily counter this situation, manufacturers insert silica beads into the window frame to absorb moisture. However, over time, these beads become saturated with moisture and decompose into a whitish powder. Since the beads can no longer absorb moisture, fog forms on the inside of the glass as a result of the heat.

A thermo pane is a sealed unit or, in other words, an insulating glass unit that is held in place by the window frame. There are different sealed units on the market.

We can't defog all types of glazing. If you have been seeing fog for several years, defogging may not be the best solution for you. Only a dealer with a trained eye can answer this question.

Caulking usually lasts several years. However, it can suffer early deterioration, if the sealant has been applied in too small a quantity, or if it has been heated by the sun. Here are some signs of caulking in poor condition: - drying out and lifting - changing color - shrinking - cracking - tearing Caulking plays an essential role in the conservation of your windows: it prevents water and air from infiltrating between the window frame and the walls, thus avoiding the formation of mold, which is the main cause of premature window deterioration.

If you've had your windows panes replaced recently and you see condensation on the outside surface of your outside windows, it's perfectly normal. Energy-efficient glazing helps the heat stay inside the house, making the outside surface of the glass colder. At certain times of the year, we can see dew on cars; it's the same principle with insulating glass units! If the outside surface of your glass is warmer than the dew point, no condensation will form. However, if it is colder, there will be condensation. In other words, if you see condensation on the outside of your windows, this is very good news! This means that you are keeping your precious heat inside the house.

You can keep your windows for a very long time without having to change them if you maintain them properly and have them restored as needed. For example, if a glass pane is broken, you can have it replaced; if your thermos are fogged up, you can have them defogged; if you feel the fresh air coming in, you can have the weatherstripping changed or have a new seal applied to the outside. The only reason for a complete window change would be if the window frame is beyond repair - for example if it is rotten. It is therefore important to take care of your windows to keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

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