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Don't send your technicians away! Keep them! You should be proud. I've had several jobs done on my home and this is the first time I've had such good service. They work super well, are super polite, nice... We received impeccable service. Everything was super clean when they left. We will recommend you to our friends and family because from start to finish it was perfect!

Mr. Robert Lelièvre

Greenfield Park, Qc

I'm very satisfied! The work is well done. He really left everything clean when he left.

Mrs. Micheline Pilon

Sherbrooke, Qc

We had water infiltration through several windows during heavy rains. They changed all the caulking and some mechanical parts. Now the windows are like new but at a fraction of the price. Thank you Solution Thermo!

Mr. Graham Mc Bain

Mont Saint-Hilaire, Qc

On April 23rd and May 14th, a team of installers came to the house to change the thermos in our windows. I would like to thank and congratulate the team (Alexandre and his colleague) for the very good work they did at our residence. Courtesy, efficiency, generosity for information and good humour are qualities that I retain from the team. 5 star service! Thank you for your business!

Mr. Christian Beaudoin & Mme Sonia Pouliot

Lévis, Qc

I'm really satisfied! I did business with Mr. Allison. He's very competent. It's clear, precise, professional and without burr. It's very pleasant. I didn't know you, I've done business with a competitor in the past, but you're much more competent. Thank you for your good service.

Mrs. Louise Dumont

Québec, Qc

I'm really glad Carl came to visit. He's super nice and professional.

Mrs. Martina Lafrance

Québec, Qc

I have often thought that the people who give very positive feedback are probably family members of the company. This time, rest assured that this is not the case! My satisfaction is such that I must express it. First of all, Maxime's very nice approach, quick to order, a very professional job done by the two employees who installed the thermos, the weather stripping and the caulking. They had a great complicity, a great meticulousness and what an efficiency! We are almost looking forward to the cold! To be recommended!

Mr. Marcel Auclair

St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Qc

Job well done and customer service is great! To recommend...

Mr. Hector Brito

Carignan, Qc

Economical and ecological! Professional and courteous service from window evaluation to the installation of thermos... Explanations and maintenance tips provided by the technician. Complete satisfaction! Thanks to Solution Thermo team of the Vallée-du-Richelieu.

Mrs. Lucie Paquette

Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Qc

I've just had a visit from Simon and Alexander. I am delighted! It's clean, they're fine and beautiful too. They're so nice and you can tell they know what they're doing!

Mrs. Marthe Martel

Lévis, Qc

First of all, I would like to mention my great satisfaction with the work that has been done on my home recently. They were carried out in a professional manner, in a pleasant atmosphere and leaving the house clean without leaving any residue. Being curious by nature, your people took the time to answer my questions about the installation and the various properties of the energy elements. In addition, all the mechanisms were lubricated, you took care to provide me with advice on lubrication maintenance and the windows were washed after installation as promised at the time of the contract. You are a company of your word! Thank you again!

Mr. Guy Cardinal

Saint-Pierre-Ile-Orléans, Qc

I wanted to tell you that I am very, very satisfied with the installation of our windows, the result is fantastic. In addition, your employees are very professional and they work in harmony. Thank you very much!

Mrs. Cathy Goulet, Eurovia Québec

Boucherville, Qc

The technicians were very polite and professional. Everything was perfect! They even took off their shoes so as not to dirty my floors. Thank you!

Mrs. Louisette Gendron

Charlesbourg, Qc

The employees work very well and are very polite.

Mr. Alain Lavoie

Charny, Qc

I'm very satisfied. Michael is very thorough and professional.

Mr. Ghyslain Pépin

Shannon, Qc

I have done business with Mr. Carl Allison, he is exceptionally kind and professional. He has shown patience with a dose of humor so that I would not be perceived as illiterate. I feel safe and I know that I am not being exploited.

Mrs. Marthe Vaillancourt

Lévis, Qc

We have replaced the thermos in three windows and want to express our great satisfaction for the work done by Mr. Jean Vallière de Grenville. He came to take the measurements, explained to us the reasons for our fogging problems and what he was going to do to solve our problem in detail. This morning he came at the agreed time, carried out his work as he told us with cleanliness, professionalism, without "rusher" and picked up everything. Needless to say, we are very satisfied! We recommend him without hesitation. Thank you Mr. Vallière!

Mr. Richard Tardif

Morin-Heights, Qc

Definitely, the service is courteous and fast! In order to verify the effectiveness of the restoration, the authorized retailer came back to my home to find that the caulking was not adequate. He then asked me if I would do the work myself. I chose to refuse, so he quickly went to get his equipment to do the job efficiently. He also answered all my questions in a friendly and relevant manner. In the future, I would not hesitate to call upon the services of Solution Thermo.

Mr. Claude Massy

Châteauguay, Qc

The time from the time of submission to the time of glass replacement was very short. The work was done cleanly and in a pleasant atmosphere. It is an economical solution and I have a very positive appreciation for it.

Mrs. Coulombe

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc

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