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Karl Gendron


Karl has a great deal of knowledge and experience having completed a technical degree in marketing and administration and a B.A. in business with a specialization in management and organizational behavior. He has also been in charge of a franchise in a completely different field.

In 2010, Karl acquired a Solution Thermo franchise with Maxime Corbeil, a young employee from his other company in whom he saw great potential. A few years later, they became co-shareholders of the Thermo Solution franchisor.

As a visionary, Karl plays an important role in the growth of the company through his ability to plan future steps to achieve a goal. The success of his franchise and his analytical skills have greatly contributed to the expansion of the Solution Thermo network. Karl knows how to recognize the potential of each individual and helps them position themselves in order to reach their own goals. His convictions, resilience, and determination allowed Solution Thermo to develop into a solid and constantly growing network.

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Isabelle Dulac

Vice president

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Isabelle acquired a franchise in 2014 alongside 3 other partners. In 2017, she became a shareholder and now works on the administration of the head office while continuing to grow her own franchise.

Her leadership skills and the success of her franchise have greatly contributed to the strength and consistency of the Solution Thermo network as well as to its expansion. Isabelle has the best interest of the Solution Thermo network in mind.

Her top priority is to offer exceptional and remarkable service to all the customers who will have the opportunity to take part in the Solution Thermo experience. Her actions and decisions are always guided by the company's values, which are reflected throughout the entire process, right up to the service itself at the customer's premises.

Véronique Vachon

Executive director

With initial training in secretarial practice and accounting, Véronique held management positions in two local businesses before becoming, in 2009, an executive assistant for the fledgling company Solution Thermo.

Somewhat forward-thinking, she ran the company's operations from home, balancing work and family. She became a shareholder of the franchisor in 2017 and has been an invaluable source of information at every stage of Solution Thermo's evolution.

With her extensive background and her experiences, Véronique is at the core of the franchisor's operations from the head office in Danville. She is a dedicated, passionate, versatile, and exceptionally efficient person.

Her outstanding career within the organization has given her the position of Chief Executive Officer. She works with the other members of the board of directors to ensure the growth of the Thermo Solution banner. She is in direct contact with the franchisees and the various departments of the company.

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