Glass Recycling: Eco Initiative


Solution Thermo: Window Repair and Recycling for a Greener Future

Solution Thermo, a leader in window repair and thermos replacement, is at the forefront of environmental protection with its unique window recycling service.

Why choose Solution Thermo for your window repair and replacement?

Our commitment to sustainability is undeniable. Solution Thermo’s glass recycling initiative helps to save natural resources, reduce energy consumption, and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Can window glass be recycled?

Yes, and it’s a revolution in the fenestration sector. Unlike hollow glass, like bottles and containers, widely recycled in Quebec, flat glass, used in windows and thermos, was previously destined for landfill. Solution Thermo is changing the game by introducing flat glass recycling.

How does window recycling work at Solution Thermo?

In partnership with Groupe Bellemare in Trois-Rivières, Solution Thermo has developed a four-step recycling process:


Our technicians remove old window thermos from our clients' homes and place them in exclusive containers to minimize processing fees.


Glass waste is sorted to eliminate contaminants such as sealants, tiles, and other non-recyclable materials.


The sorted glass is crushed into small pieces.


The recycled glass is used to manufacture new glass products such as aggregate and pool filter.

It is with immense pride that Solution Thermo is gradually phasing out its waste containers dedicated to landfill and replacing them with recycling containers that will follow Route du verre program implemented by Groupe Bellemare.

Solution Thermo : An Ecological Choice for Window Repair, Thermos or Glass Replacement, and Restoration

Choosing our experts for window repair, thermos or glass replacement, and window restoration means choosing a company that places the environment at the heart of its concerns. Together, let’s choose a greener and more sustainable future with Solution Thermo.

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