New glass recycling programme!

Opt for a complete superior new glazing

Do you have a type of glazing that cannot defog? Has mist formed inside your window for so long that you can’t benefit from our defogging service? Is your glazing bleached? Do you want to get better glazing installed with a glass that shines?

If your window frames are still in good condition, opt, without hesitation, for our insulating glass unit replacement service, instead of changing your windows entirely. Whether for your home or business this economical solution will allow you to enjoy beautiful, brand-new high-performance glazing!

Double or triple glazing for better energy efficiency

If you choose a glass replacement, we recommend a double or triple glazing unit coated with a low-emissivity film and argon for better energy efficiency. Energy-efficient glazing units limit the heat from coming in during Summer and going out during Winter. They also limit the ice build-up and water inside your windows.

We take great pride in installating premium quality products that have proven to be successful. Our quality criteria are so strict that we have our glazing units manufactured according to our specifications! While we know of the effectiveness of the products we recommend to customers, we remain focused on their needs.

Thermo pane replacement carried out in greatest detail

At Solution Thermo, we do things properly! When we replace your glazing, we also change the shims, install non-conductive spacers and properly caulk the sealed unit. Our goal: do everything in our power so that your glass units perform at their best for years to come.

8 brilliant reasons to replace your insulating glazing units:

  • You extend the lifespan of your windows.
  • You choose a less expensive solution than a window replacement.
  • You avoid damage caused by replacing windows that require, among other things, touch-up paint.
  • You benefit from greater energy efficiency.
  • You maximize the security of your building with anti-intrusion glazing.
  • You enhance the look of your home with brand new glass, especially with tiling or any other pattern.
  • Your property will keep its fair value, especially if you choose high-energy-efficient glass.
  • You benefit from our generous 10-year warranty.

Glass Recycling: Our Contribution to a Greener Future

At Solution Thermo, we do more than just replace your window glass to improve your windows’ energy efficiency. We go further by taking on our environmental responsibility through a unique flat glass recycling initiative. As part of our commitment to sustainability, the glass panels that will be removed from our clients’ premises will take a different path! In partnership with Groupe Bellemare, we collect, sort, and process the glass for later use in the manufacture of new products thanks to an innovative process to recycle the glass from windows that were previously destined for landfill. Choose Solution Thermo, a company that puts the environment at the heart of its concerns.

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Here, at Solution Thermo, your money will go further, and here’s why: we have a 10-year warranty on defogging and glazing replacement. What’s more? We provide a labour warranty that stands out and surpasses the industry’s. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, Solution Thermo is the best choice there is!




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